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Evident Thermoelectrics acquires GMZ Energy

In a major expansion move, Evident Thermoelectrics has purchased the assets of GMZ Energy, Inc. a developer of high temperature thermoelectric generation (TEG) systems, in an acquisition that includes all patents, equipment, product lines, website, customer contacts and brand. In December 2014, GMZ had successfully demonstrated a 1kW TEG designed for diesel engine exhaust heat recapture in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle (earlier post).

The purchase comes shortly after Evident’s April announcement of a licensing agreement with NASA and is intended to solidify the company’s position as a leader in high temperature thermoelectric applications. (Earlier post.)

GMZ Energy has been very successful at developing nanomaterial-based thermoelectric modules, and making them commercially available. This acquisition is a key element in our investment core strategy to accelerate our product development, as it broadens our market segments and allows us to offer even more products that perform at higher temperatures, meeting customer demand.

—Dr. Clinton Ballinger, CEO of Evident Thermoelectrics

Founded in 2006, GMZ commercialized technologies that were developed at the labs of MIT and Boston College, and launched the first commercial high temperature modules overcoming significant challenges in integration and packaged for waste heat applications in cars, furnaces and other industrial applications.

Most recently, its technology focus was on new Hafnium-free p-type half-Heusler materials which offered substantially lower raw material cost than conventional half-Heusler materials—high temperature, stable semiconductor nano-materials and well suited for thermoelectric applications like waste heat recovery. (Earlier post.)

Evident, founded in 2000, is a leader in nanomaterials synthesis and products, and its record of achievement has included commercial product launches in quantum dots, LEDs, biotech and military applications. Leveraging its semiconductor experience to expand into thermoelectrics in 2013, Evident is developing printable thermoelectric materials, as well as nano-bulk materials aimed at increasing the performance of thermoelectric modules.

I am excited to work with Evident as we continue the work we started at GMZ. This combination of Evident and GMZ will greatly benefit the industry since there will now be a single point of contact for anything related to nano-materials used in TE applications.

—Dr. Giri Joshi, manager of R&D GMZ Energy


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