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Oxea is expanding its phthalate-free plasticizer portfolio with the introduction of Oxsoft L9 (linear trinonyltrimellitate). Oxsoft L9 is suited for special applications where products must meet the most rigid demands, such as the manufacture of resilient and durable high temperature automotive cables that comply with the most severe requirements in this industry. Oxsoft L9 directly replaces conventional C8/C10 trimellitates and is available in industrial quantities.

Phthalates are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used as plasticizers. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), phthalates are often classified as endocrine disruptors or hormonally-active agents (HAAs) because of their ability to interfere with the endocrine system in the body.

In modern automobiles, stringent demands are placed on internal cables. C8/C10 trimellitates are predominantly used in this application area, but the supply situation for the natural C8/C10 alcohols from which they are derived is very difficult. This results in continuously increasing prices and unreliable availability for the corresponding plasticizer. Oxsoft L9 is a direct replacement for C8/C10 trimellitates: Produced on purpose, Oxea not only offers the linear C9 alcohol (n-Nonanol), but also the linear C9 trimellitate in order to fulfill market demand and ensure supply reliability.

—Jacco de Haas, Commercial Business Director Specialty Esters at Oxea

Oxsoft L9 shows excellent resistance to high temperatures, excellent cold temperature flexibility and great resistance to migration while having good plasticizing efficiency and processability. Other application areas include non-fogging automotive interior, special sheets, profiles and gaskets and base stock for lubricating oils.

Oxea is a global manufacturer of oxo intermediates and oxo derivatives, such as alcohols, polyols, carboxylic acids, specialty esters, and amines. These products are used for the production of high-quality coatings, lubricants, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, flavorings and fragrances, printing inks and plastics. Oxea is owned by Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C.


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