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At TU-Automotive Detroit this week, embedded security company ESCRYPT—a subsidiary of ETAS GmbH, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of the BOSCH-Group—and Arynga will present their joint over-the-air (OTA) software management solution for vehicles that combines update efficiency with the strictest safety and security standards.

Today‘s automobiles have an increasing number of electronic control units (ECU), which are interconnected via vehicle networks (e.g. CAN, MOST). Moreover, software in cars is going to grow in both amount and complexity. Recent business research estimated that cars will require 200 million to 300 million lines of software code in the near future, controlling everything from brakes to the volume of the radio.

It is increasingly essential for car manufacturers to manage the software during the entire life cycle of the vehicle efficiently and securely. Here automobile manufacturers are increasingly opting for remote, Over-The-Air (OTA) update technologies. Urgent software fixes, feature upgrades and security patches can be deployed conveniently, efficiently, and cost effectively. In most cases, OTA updates can eliminate software recalls and associated warranty costs, preserving the OEM’s brand image and improving customer satisfaction.

The joint solution “Secure OTA Software Management for Automotive”, that combines Arynga’s CarSync software management system with the ESCRYPT’s Key Management Solution Secure Software Updates, will leverage the extensive expertise of both companies to provide an end-to-end solution for efficient and secure OTA updating of large and small ECUs, protecting authenticity, integrity and IP of software on head units, telematics, powertrain controllers as well as smaller ECU’s connected and updated via CAN bus.

Arynga provides an end-to-end OTA framework which includes the necessary backend infrastructure to create, deploy, and track update campaigns while ensuring constant system monitoring, collection of vehicle data, and reporting of custom data analytics results, as well as the OS agnostic, low memory footprint in-vehicle client for the download, verification, and installation of updates to ECUs. OEMS can also leverage their proprietary differential tool to enable the smallest memory footprint and quickest patch time.

ESCRYPT provides the necessary security components. The Key Management Solution Secure Software Updates addresses end-to-end and embedded security, managing all the certificates and keys for ECUs and secure OTA communication, generating signatures before or during upload to software management backend servers and validating authorizations, while complying with the safety rules and policies of the vehicle OEM.


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