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Advanced Microgrid Solutions picks Tesla for stationary energy storage projects; up to 500 MWh total

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) has selected Tesla as the primary technology provider for its utility-scale energy storage projects. Under the agreement, AMS will install up to 500 MWh of Tesla batteries in its energy storage projects. AMS has also signed a master agreement with global firm Black & Veatch for engineering and construction services.

AMS will install and operate Tesla’s Powerpack energy storage systems in commercial and industrial facilities to provide grid support to utilities using customer load. Last fall, AMS secured 50-MWs of contracts to build grid-scale energy storage projects for Southern California Edison, including the creation of the first fleet of “Hybrid-Electric Buildings”.

The combination of energy storage technology and intelligent software will allow customer loads to be used as a virtual power plant by utilities. AMS will aggregate the distributed systems into regional "fleets" that provide clean, fully dispatchable load reduction to utilities.

Utilities benefit from the ability to defer distribution system upgrades, greater reliability in areas with circuit overload, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and the seamless integration of renewable generation. Host customers enjoy immediate bill savings, enhanced energy efficiency, and the security of backup generation.

AMS’ first 10-megawatt Hybrid-Electric Building Project will be installed in Irvine, California in 2016. AMS will also sign battery supply agreements with additional technology providers.



"Host customers enjoy immediate bill savings"
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!! Yeah right! Seriously? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!


Yeah, seriously.  Cutting the peak-demand line item of the electric bill is no joke.

Account Deleted

The 500 MWh is 0.5 million kwh times 250 USD per kwh for Tesla's powerpacks so a total order of 125 million USD for Tesla by this single customer. I have not read about any other deals for battery backups that are bigger than this. Tesla's low kwh price has created a new viable market for battery backup/grid leverage systems that could be worth several billion USD per year by 2018. It practically does not exist today because price levels closer to 600 USD per kwh made it uneconomical for nearly everything. So 250 USD per kwh is a game changer for this industry.

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