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NSF to award total of more than $7M for research on thermal transport phenomena

The US National Science Foundation’s Thermal Transport Processes (TTP) program will award more than $7,047,000 in total to support engineering research aimed at gaining a basic understanding of the thermal transport phenomena and processes that are driven by thermal gradients and manipulating of these processes to achieve engineering goals. (PD-14-1406) Application areas of interest include:

  • Cooling and heating of components, devices and equipment.
  • Thermal transport processes in: energy conversion & storage; power generation; physiologic systems; and propulsion.

Of specific interest is research that explores active and passive control of the dynamics of thermal processes, and simulations and experiments that bridge and model information across multiple scales.

Proposals that focus primarily on the following issues are NOT of interest to the TTP program:

  • Designing materials and their thermal properties
  • Thermal transport in materials synthesis and/or processing; these proposals should be directed to the Materials Engineering and Processing (MEP) program in ENG/CMMI or the Division of Materials Research (DMR) in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Directorate.
  • Mass transport or system design-oriented efforts.

The duration of unsolicited awards is generally one to three years. The typical award size is around $100,000 per year. Proposals requesting a substantially higher amount than this, without prior consultation and approval from the Program Director, will be returned without review.


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