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Designwerk provides mobile fast chargers for Nissan EV shuttle fleet; BRUSA NLG6

With the kickoff of the 2014/2015 season, Nissan is the official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cups for the next four years. For this year’s finale on 6 June in Berlin, the carmaker provided 100 all-electric Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 vehicles for the shuttle service. In order to keep the cars charged, Nissan employed a total of twelve mobile fast-chargers MDC22 from Swiss company Designwerk. The MDC22 is BRUSAs NLG6 on-board Fast Charger fitted in a mobile charging case.

The mobile fast-charger MDC22 turns any charging station into a DC charger, allowing vehicles to charge quicker at up to 22 kW almost anywhere. The device can be connected to any Type 2 charging station or CEE standard industrial type socket, completely charging a Nissan Leaf or e-NV200 in under 90 minutes.

An MDC22 on a trolley for the UEFA fleet. Click to enlarge.

Weighing a only 22.5 kilograms (50 lbs) and measuring only 620 x 370 x 195 mm, the MD22 from Designwerk portable and easy to handle; it can even be fitted with wheels. With its mobile usability, the MDC22 is a fit for fleet use, workshops and events. During the Champions League finale, for instance, the mobile chargers were used at partner hotels, where CEE industrial type sockets are standard.

The MDC22 is multi-system compatible and is available with CHAdeMO, as well as CCS Type 2 cable. Efficiency is at least 94%.

Designwerk brings together industrial design and engineering. The “Denkfabrik der Elektromobilität”—the think-tank of electric mobility—now has a number of successful projects behind it. Its most important innovations include Swiss Post’s Kyburz DXP electric three-wheeler, the ultra-efficient Zerotracer fully-enclosed electric motorbike and Switzerland’s first fully electric 18-tonne truck which has been in regular use by customers such as Coop, Feldschlösschen, Lidl, Planzer and Rewe.


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