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Ford Motor Company is introducing a new camera technology that can see around blind junction corners even when drivers cannot, reducing stress and potentially helping avert collisions. The innovative Front Split View Camera—now available as an option in the all-new Ford S-MAX and Galaxy in Europe—displays to the driver a 180-degree view from the front of the car, using a video camera in the grille.

Front Split View Camera also will be offered for the all-new Ford Edge upscale SUV, available in Europe later this year.

At a blind junction or exiting a driveway, the camera enables drivers easily to spot approaching vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

The first-in-segment technology is activated at the push of a button. A 1-megapixel camera in the front grille enables drivers to see a real-time 180-degree view on the vehicle’s 8-inch color touchscreen. Drivers can track road‑users that approach on either side and pass in front of the vehicle. The camera, just 33 millimeters wide, is kept clear by a specially designed retractable jet-washer that operates automatically when the windscreen wipers are activated.

Data recorded by the European Road Safety Observatory SafetyNet project indicated that approximately 19% of drivers involved in accidents at junctions experienced obstructions to view. The UK Department of Transport said that in 2013, vision affected by external factors contributed to 11% of all road accidents.



It is a good idea.
Whether you can call it "seeing around corners" is another thing, but it is still a good idea.
You want them front and back for backing out into traffic as well. You just need a vision bus in the car. GIGE would be fine - no need to invent something new.

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