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In a speech outlining his future vision for Honda Motor, new President & CEO Takahiro Hachigo said that the company will strive to begin sales in Japan of the next-generation successor to the Clarity fuel cell vehicle (earlier post) before the end of the current fiscal year (ending 31 March 2016).

Hachigo also said that as the next-generation of mobility products, Honda will evolve products that use electricity as a core technology. In the shorter term, the next-generation Civic will be equipped with a new platform and downsized turbo engine, while core global Honda models CR-V and Accord will undergo full model changes in the future to make them more attractive vehicles that feature more new technologies, higher competitiveness and innovative designs.

More broadly, he used the speech to establish two themes “the new Honda” will pursue:

  • Advancing its six-region global operation structure; and

  • Continuous development of challenging products unique to Honda and delivering them to customers around the world.

Honda uses a matrix management structure under which each region has built up its own production capacity and established sales, development and purchasing functions, which has made it possible for each region to develop exclusive models for their region.

As the next step, Hachigo said, Honda will utilize its regional production capacity for global operations as a whole. Operational functions of the global headquarters will be enhanced to promote mutually complementary inter-regional relationships.

Examples of a mutually complementary relationship in the area of automobile production includes the supply of some North American Fit and European Jazz models that will come from Japan, the next generation of Civic 5-door which will be supplied from Europe to other regions and the next generation of CR-V which will be supplied from Canada to Europe.


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