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ChargePoint Home EV charger to be available from Amazon starting at $499

The ChargePoint Home EV charger, introduced at CES in January (earlier post), will be available to order on Amazon later this summer. The price of the networked station ranges from $499 to $749.

ChargePoint Home_L3Q[2]

ChargePoint Home’s price varies based on power level, installation type and cord length. The station is available as a 32 amp station that can deliver a maximum of 25 miles of range per hour (RPH), or a 16 amp station that can deliver a maximum of 12 RPH. Cords are available in 12, 18, and 25 feet. The station can be installed either indoors or outdoors, is available in a plug or hardwired version, and has a universal J1772 connector that is compatible with all EVs on the road today.

ChargePoint Home is integrated with a driver’s ChargePoint account; residential, public and workplace charging can be seen via the mobile app. Drivers can also view their energy usage and how many miles they’ve added during a charging session depending on their car. Plus ChargePoint Home works with Nest so drivers can save on energy costs.

Earlier this year, ChargePoint announced the Multi-Family Home Service which gives apartment and condominium residents convenient charging at home.


Anthony F

My GE charging station isn't living up to expectations - its randomly refusing to charge my Volt, usually when its hot or cold outside (even though the station is inside the garage). I'm looking forward to replacing it with a WiFi-connected unit, and I trust Chargepoint a lot more to build a charger that works reliably (I've never had an issue with the Chargepoint charger, indoors or outside).


If you want reliability in your home charger and want one ready made use Clipper Creek:

or build you own:


Been charging my Leaf with an DIY EVSE, I built four years ago from open-evse...working fine for four years, at about $200 in parts.


I have owned a GE Wattstation since December 2012 and have had absolutely no problems with it ever. I do agree with Lad that Clipper Creek EVSEs are outstanding for reliability and cost, however, they are just like my GE without network connections, but, networks are fraught with reliability and repair cost issues, so be informed.

william g irwin

I thought all you needed was a 220v outlet (like a dryer or stove) in your garage, and the car charger provides the smarts. What magic does a charger provide for these $$? Is that the cost of a box and cable?


Note that the OpenEVSE kit you can buy from Amazon does NOT include any cables or the J1772 connector.  That increases the cost about 50% right there, and from what I can tell the sealing glands/strain reliefs are not big enough for cables able to carry the rated 32 amperes of the unit.

WGI, the EVSE provides safety switching (power leads dead until verified that a vehicle is connected), ground-fault detection and interruption, and current-allowance signalling to the vehicle.

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