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Stanford’s Yi Cui receives CalTech Resonate award for battery work

Stanford Professor Yi Cui has received one of this year’s five Resonate Awards from Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute for engineering enhanced batteries and other sustainable energy related devices through innovations in nanotechnology.

The Resnick Sustainability Institute is Caltech’s studio focused on breakthroughs that can positively alter global sustainability. Current projects include research into energy generation such as advanced photovoltaics, photoelectrochemical solar fuels, and cellulosic biofuels; energy conversion work on batteries and fuel cells; and energy efficiency and management such as fuel efficient vehicles, green chemical synthesis, thermoelectric materials, and advanced research on electrical grid control and distribution.

The Resonate Awards honor breakthrough achievements in energy science and sustainability. The goal of the Awards is to celebrate innovators with new ideas or contributions to the field of sustainability that may not already have gained widespread attention. The work can be from many fields including science, technology, economics, public policy or others. An ideal honoree’s work charts new pathways or opens up new areas to solutions with long-term impacts.

Recognizing the need for substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the risks of climate change, this year’s recipients of the Resonate Awards for sustainability have developed an array of technologies aimed at cutting the largest sources of them.

In addition to Professor Cui, the other awardees are:

  • Joel L. Dawson (Eta Devices, USA): Resonate Award recipient for innovations solving key power challenges in the cellular communications industry.

  • Tsutomu Ioroi (Research Institute of Electrochemical Energy / AIST, Japan): Resonate Award recipient for innovating enhanced materials for next-generation fuel cells.

  • Mika Järvinen (Aalto University, Finland): Resonate Award recipient for pioneering a CO2 sequestration process that converts a low-value steel-manufacturing by-product into a valuable resource for industry.

  • Delia J. Milliron (University of Texas at Austin, USA): Resonate Award recipient for leveraging nanomaterials to improve the carbon reduction capabilities of smart windows.



Having seen Prof. Yi Cui's name attached to quite a number of interesting sounding science reports here, I can believe this award was well earned by him. Congratulations, Sir, and keep up the good work.

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