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DOE selects 16 research projects for more than $19M in funding to advance Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology

California customer request portal for Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle opens 20 July

Beginning 20 July, California custners can request a Toyota fuel cell Mirai by visiting www.toyota.com/mirai. All requests will be made through www.toyota.com/mirai. Eligible customers will ultimately choose one of the eight authorized California dealers for Mirai delivery.

After placing a request, potential Mirai drivers will be contacted directly by a Toyota representative to explore the possibility of Mirai ownership.

Mirai ownership offers a range of world-class services, including three years’ worth of complimentary fuel (or $15,000 maximu, whichever comes first), three years of 24/7 customer call support, 8-year/100,000-mile warranty on key fuel cell vehicle components.



Considering all free services, this seems to be an excellent deal.

Wonder when our area will have access to the same offer. I would be interested if and when enough H2 stations are installed.


The free fuel does sound good at first, but it's only for 3 years. Whether or not ithe fuel cost is a good deal after year three is anyone's guess.

At $500 per month, it's about 2.5x the cost of 9 of the popular EVs available in the region. That's not really a great deal. Any potential range advantages will not be realized until a lot more H2 stations are in service. Even when the other California stations are built, this will not be a car you can take from LA to Vegas, or Tahoe, or most of the other destinations outside the LA or Bay Areas.

The lease cost is substantially more expensive than the BMW i3 REx, and double the cost of the 2015 Chevy Volt which can go to Vegas, Tahoe, Seattle, or New York if you really want to, and still drive on zero emissions around town.

It will be interesting to see who ponies up for this experiment.



So you still evade the question of whether you have any financial interest in Tesla, as that would be a customary declaration when your site runs umpteen articles promoting junk stock?

You love to present yourself as the nice guy.

Get real.
There is little that is pleasant about and evasive troll.


Jay Cole:
If that is you posting as a corporate entity:

Unlikely as it might be I am posting this in case you might be interested in normal journalistic practise:

'Declare any conflicts of interest that may affect the journalist's ability to be perceived as meeting their other duties.'


So I ask you again, have you or other staff writing articles on EV insiders any shares or financial interests in Tesla motors or associated companies?

And why do you not publish normal declarations of interest?


Davemart, those posts are simply moronic. I am not Jay Cole. I am not related to Jay Cole. I don't resemble Jay Cole. I am probably not even as smart as Jay Cole. I am certainly not as hard working as Jay Cole. So there you have it: Not. Jay. Cole.

Out of the last 256 printed pages I've published, exactly seven have been about Tesla. That is 2.7% my friend. Two point seven percent. Seems kind of low to me, considering that they are the prime mover in the industry. I am certain, now that I look at it, that I should be writing more about Tesla. Much, much more.

Maybe now that we have established that you have a severe case of mistaken identity, you can take your nastiness elsewhere. Bury it perhaps. But don't drown it, you've apparently had quite enough already.

I'll make sure to give Jay Cole your kind regards next time I see him. Probably in Detroit next year. I hear he lives up that way.

And please, get some counseling. Life is too short to psss away in a ruddy mood.

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