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Bio-based chemical company GFBiochemicals has started commercial production at its 10,000 MT/a capacity levulinic acid plant in Caserta, Italy. GFBiochemicals is the first company to produce levulinic acid at commercial scale directly from biomass. The company made the announcement at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, Montreal.

Levulinic acid is a versatile platform molecule that is recognized by the US Department of Energy as one of the top ten bio-based Chemicals of the Future. Among its end products can be fuel or fuel additives. (Earlier post.)

Caserta is now the world’s largest operational production plant for levulinic acid. A fundamentally lower price range is now possible using our unique technology. This will give access to previously undiscovered market segments.

—Chief Commercial Officer Marcel van Berkel

GFBiochemicals” reactor technology allows feedstock flexibility. GFBiochemicals also developed a new technology for the recovery and purification of Levulinic Acid. The continuous process produces formic acid and char which are recovered. This leads to a combination of high product yields, high productivity, concentrated process streams and efficient recovery.



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