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MTU Friedrichshafen forms partnership with AKASOL for battery systems for hybrid and e-drive propulsion systems

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems, has formed a close development partnership with AKASOL GmbH, a Darmstadt-based subsidiary of Schulz Group (Tettnang) and a leading manufacturer of Li-ion battery systems for high performance applications. The partnership aims to develop and to deliver battery systems for MTU’s hybrid and e-drive propulsion systems.

With the help of AKASOL battery systems, MTU aims to extend its current product range with hybrid propulsion systems for mobile applications in the marine, heavy duty ground vehicles and rail sector. In the near future, AKASOL systems will be used in stationary industrial drives as well.

AKASOL has been developing mobile and stationary high-performance battery-systems for more than 20 years for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, off-highway industry, solar power industry and wind power.

AKASOL procures its battery cells, then subjects them to a comprehensive inspection in the AKASOL Test Center—from extreme use and life cycle tests to climate and temperature tests and further to resistance analysis against destruction and misuse. Each cell can be independently characterized in this manner.

In addition to customer-specific solutions, AKASOL has a standard portfolio of different lithium-ion cells (NMC, LTO, LFO etc.) in the segments high energy (E-traction) and high power (hybrid). The capacity of these cells range from 7 to 60 Ah.

An AKASYSTEM for hybrid and electric vehicles can comprise from one to 255 AKAMODULES, which achieve energy density of more than 140 Wh/kg. AKAMODULEs have already been installed as components in a 45M AKASYSTEM with 105 kWh storage capacity in a commercial vehicle weighing 40 tons.

That system comprises three standardized 15M AKASYSTEMs each with 35.25 kWh storage capacity at a nominal voltage of 600 V, peak performance of up to 270 kW, and weighing in at only 290 kg.


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