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In the next stage of development for their jointly-developed fuel cell bus (earlier post), Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino Motors, Ltd. will carry out field tests in Tokyo from 24-30 July, hoping to accelerate technological development of the bus with the aim of bringing it to market.


The new bus was developed jointly by Toyota and Hino based on a Hino hybrid non-step route bus and is equipped with the Toyota Fuel Cell System developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle. (Earlier post.)

These field tests will help determine the practicality of the fuel cell bus for use in public transport networks, as well as evaluating the efficacy of its external power supply system during widespread power outages caused by natural disasters. The tests will be carried out with the cooperation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The design of the bus has been optimized for increased power output, and features two 110 kW fuel cell stacks and 110 kW (335 N·m) motors alongside eight 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tanks. The bus uses a NiMH drive battery, and also features a 9.8 kW / DC300 V vehicle-to-home (V2H) system.

Toyota was responsible for development of the Toyota Fuel Cell System, while Hino handled development of the bus body, including the chassis.



Excellent idea for long range (clean operation) electrified buses especially in areas with long cold winters.

The same could be done with long haul heavy trucks.

It would be easy to install (clean) H2 stations on or near highways normally used by those vehicles.

A hand to Hino-Toyota.

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