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paragon AG US subsidiary Voltabox opens Li-ion battery pack assembly plant in Texas

Voltabox of Texas, the US subsidiary of German automotive supplier paragon AG, officially opened of its new plant in Cedar Park where Voltabox is now operating one fully automated assembly line for Li-ion battery packs. Further lines are set to follow. Alongside Voltabox, parts of the same building will also be let to German partners of Voltabox for use as their own US offices.

Voltabox develops battery systems based on two different types of cell-technology: iron-phosphate (cylindrical) and nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (prismatic), each offering their own distinct advantages. Voltabox Li-ion battery systems have been specifically designed for an extremely wide range of applications.

paragon group plans to supply battery packs to customers in the bus and logistics industries and then extend its production range at a later date and provide automakers in North America and Mexico with other domestically manufactured products from its portfolio as well.

Voltabox of Texas obtained certification that more than 60% of its value creation is based in the US at the end of 2014.

We have already successfully acquired several promising orders on the spot, confirming our decision to come to the US. There is enormous potential here, and Voltabox offers us good opportunities to add a further chapter to our success story.

—Klaus Dieter Frers, founder and CEO of paragon AG


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