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Toyota Motor, SMBC, and SPARX Group considering new fund for intelligent technologies, robotics and hydrogen

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), and SPARX Group Co., Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding to consider the establishment of a new investment fund aiming to encourage innovation and support the spread of advanced technologies, focusing on focus on the fields of intelligent technology, robotics, and hydrogen-related technologies.

By establishing this fund, TMC hopes to gain broad and timely access to valuable information about future technologies and market trends, which can then be incorporated into its business strategy.

In addition, TMC said it intends to use the fund to facilitate the spread of new values in the marketplace by supporting the establishment and the growth of enterprises that possess innovative technology.

Global financial services provider SMBC hopes to play a leading role in facilitating economic growth through the establishment of a socially meaningful fund for developing next-generation technologies. The fund should also help to boost its efforts to uncover and nurture promising future enterprises.

SPARX Group, an independent Asia-based equity and credit asset management services and Asian fund financial specialist, wants to further emphasize a long-term approach to investment in future growth, and hopes to open up new fields as an investment company to help build the society of the future.

All three companies will now consider the details of the fund, including the scale of capital investment, other potential investors, and investment targets. Their aim will be to establish the fund formally this autumn.


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