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Lacks Wheel Trim Systems LLC, a business unit of Lacks Enterprises, Inc., announced that its Chromtec lightweight composite wheels will be featured on a 2016 full-size pickup truck. (Earlier post.) Shipments have begun.

Lacks will provide two new 20-inch versions of its innovative Chromtec composite wheel technology for this 2016 truck program. The wheels are the first application of Lacks’ next-generation Chromtec technology and they are the first fuel-efficient wheels designed specifically for a truck that help improve the program’s best-in-class fuel economy rating for 2016.

Benefits of the next-generation Chromtec wheels include:

  • Up to 4 lb. per wheel lighter than the previous wheels used on this platform
  • Up to 10 lb. per wheel lighter than competitors 20 inch wheels
  • A world class finish, design flexibility and proven durability.


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