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BRUSA offering new high-efficiency motor/gearbox combination for electric commercial vehicles

BRUSA Elektronik AG is offering its Planetary Traction Drive DTSP1—a fully integrated electric vehicle drivetrain combining motor and gearbox—with its higher power HSM1-10.18.22 Hybrid Synchronous Motor, offering 220 kW (295 hp) maximum power (145 kW/194 hp continuous) and up to 460 N·m (339 b-ft) peak torque (270 N·m/199 lb-ft continuous). With this configuration, BRUSA is targeting light commercial vehicles, vans or sports cars.

The compact design of the transmission in combination with the powerful motor results in a highly efficient power set. The DTSP1 unit can be used as an axle or four-wheel drivetrain set. By using the differential on the axles, powerful yet weight-optimized drives can be realized. With the adjustment of the axle differential every application can be achieved with the right ratio.

From a nominal speed of 4,400 rpm the motor—346 mm in length, diameter of 270 mm and weight of 76 kg—iprovides constant power to its maximum speed and a very high efficiency over a wide speed and torque range. The compact design of the gearbox when coupled with the HSM1-10.18.22 motor paves the way for an efficient yet powerful range of electric vehicles.

The gearbox is water-cooled and optionally equipped with a parking lock.

Possible DTSP1 configurations
Motor Inverter Output torque Max speed
100 kW / 220 N·m
100 kW
625 N·m 12000 rpm
120 kW / 320 N·m
150 kW
909 N·m
155 kW / 305 N·m
866 N·m
180 kW / 385 N·m
200 kW
1093 N·m
220 kW / 460 N·m
1306 N·m

Motor and gearbox have been developed according to automotive standards and can be supplied as a single piece and in volume.

Kreisel Electric GmbH is using a BRUSA DTSP1 equipped with the HSM1-10.18.13 motor. This purely electric Sprinter is a highly efficient commercial transporter with a 3.5 t payload and a range of up to 350 km (217 miles). Source: BRUSA. Click to enlarge.

Gearbox specs
Type Planetary cardan shaft drivetrain
Max power Up to 300 kW
Max drive torque Up to 600 N·m
Gear ratio 1:2.84
Weight (varies with motor) 22 kg



Even if they invent a better electric motor and gearbox, this won't help any ev to sell more because the limiting factor is the battery that cost too much and is not powerful enouph and it's impossible to recharge efficiently, especially if you park in the street. So this is a waste of time and money and dilapidated state subsidies.


The tidy package and low weight, expected production volumes being offered to small(or larger) manufactures should make this a popular option. That is the point- options.

As described it is a single speed reduction box matched to 12-13Krpm input.

I look forward to seeing twin smaller motors inboard on each axle for stability control tasks as well as direct drive efficiency and integrated simple dog type clutch for diff locking.

Thats a big ask from smaller makers and the majors haven't had a go -yet so no shame there.

I think there should be a lot of potential makers smiling at this.

James McLaughlin

The 90 kWh battery made out of 18650 cells sounds a bit like Tesla's pack:


This type of power unit coupled with 100+ kWh near term (2017/2018) improved batteries will give light commercial e-vehicles (like e-sprinters) over 300 KM range.

City delivery and postal vehicles could be good candidates.

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