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Battery-maker Leclanché acquires battery-maker Trineuron; focus on transport

Leclanché, the Swiss/German manufacturer of Li-ion cells and systems (earlier post), has acquired Belgian battery-maker Trineuron. The acquisition strengthens Leclanché’s product range and system integration capabilities, and will allow Leclanché to increase its offering in terms of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and module design for demanding transport applications, such as electric/hybrid buses, ferries, mining vehicles, AGVs (automated guided vehicles), and so on.

The acquisition of Trineuron also brings a team of 10 experienced engineers and an existing sales backlog and pipeline. Leclanché continues to position itself as one of the few companies manufacturing and offering multiple chemistries and multiple system designs.

Trineuron has a large number of existing customers in transport applications, in particular for AGVs and has a significant sales pipeline.

The commercial activities will be integrated within Leclanché’s Transport Business Unit, while engineering will be integrated within the System Development Team. As part of the acquisition process, Stefan Louis, Managing Director of Trineuron, will join the executive committee of Leclanché in the role of Chief Strategy Officer. The acquisition is in the form of a share deal whereby the company acquires a subsidiary of Emrol against payment of 410,000 Leclanché shares.


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