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CalCharge, a California initiative designed to accelerate breakthrough energy storage technologies, welcomed six new member companies, including Bosch and Toyota Motor Corporation. The newly announced charter members, Bosch and Toyota, along with general members Blue Current, Ensor, EnZinc and ITN Energy Systems will have access to CalCharge’s programs, services and network, all of which help clear the path to commercialization.

CalCharge’s technology acceleration program facilitates members’ access to three San Francisco Bay Area national labs: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Using Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), CalCharge pairs companies large and small with national labs. The CalCharge CRADAs also help national labs, funded by the Department of Energy, find and work with pioneering companies.

California is a world leader in the energy storage sector, with more than one hundred companies working to advance battery technology.

Eighteen companies are now members of CalCharge, including the six new members. Innovators interested in learning more can join CalCharge for an open house at new partner member Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on 25 August. For more information, please visit

CalCharge is a battery and electrochemical energy storage consortium. CalCharge brings together emerging and established companies, academic and research institutions, government bodies, and financing sources to jumpstart a new era of energy storage technologies for the electric/hybrid vehicle, grid, and consumer electronics markets. It operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CalCEF Catalyst, a 501(c)(6) trade association.



Very good initiative to better develop, normalize and organize future storage systems.

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