BioSolar extends agreement with UCSB for further development of novel polymer cathode; projecting up to 459 Wh/kg and $54/kWh for Li-ion cells
Argonne researchers developing multifunctional farm landscapes balancing economy, bioenergy and environment

US Navy holding industry forum to discuss electric leasing plans in California

The Department of the Navy is planning to lease approximately 300 to 600 passenger-carrying electric vehicles, with an initial focus on its sedan fleet, to be used at various Navy and Marine Corps installations within California. To facilitate an interactive electric vehicle leasing discussion with industry partners, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command is holding an Industry Forum on 21 July 2015 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the CalEPA Headquarters Building in Sacramento, California.

This event will provide an opportunity for Department of Navy leaders and industry representatives to exchange ideas on how the Navy may lease electric vehicles in the State of California and leverage current State and Federal monetary and/or tax incentives.

The Department of Navy is interested in exploring topics associated with electric vehicle leasing, including availability, warranties, maintenance, liabilities, charging infrastructure support, and other considerations.

Participants desiring to attend must register by company, attendee name and associated email addresses. The Navy is encouraging questions from industry prior to the forum in order to facilitate discussions.


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