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ŠKODA introducing most efficient Superb yet at Frankfurt

^Volkswagen Group’s Czech brand ŠKODA will introduce its most efficient Superb model yet at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The ŠKODA Superb GreenLine features a 1.6 TDI 120PS engine delivering 63.6 mpg US (3.7:/100 km) and emitting 96 g/km of CO2 (Hatch) and 97g/km for the Estate.

150825 The new ŠKODA Superb GreenLine

As with all other Superb models, the GreenLine is equipped with start-stop ignition and brake energy recovery as standard. In addition, both Superb GreenLine models feature longer gear ratios, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and 16-inch reduced rolling resistance tires.

the Superb utilizes two exhaust gas treatment units: an oxidation catalytic converter and a diesel particulate filter. Nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced through the Superb GreenLine’s SCR system, using the reducing agent AdBlue.

To further improve efficiency, the Superb GreenLine has been engineered with a unique aerodynamic package. The chassis sits 15mm lower than the standard Superb, while both the Hatchback and Estate models incorporate tailgate and roof spoilers to efficiently channel air around the rear of the car. As a result of these subtle additions and revisions, both models have lower drag coefficients than the standard models (0.263 Hatch, 0.275 Estate).

ŠKODA delivered 627,100 (605,300) vehicles from January to July, a rise of 3.6%



You have to admit it sounds good - an estate car of this size getting 97 gms/km.
Even if it is 20% worse, it is still < 120 gms.
In US terms, it would be > 50 mpg.

I presume we will see this engine across the whole VW line soon enough (if it isn't already out).


VW has been trying hard to get to the first place and it seems that it will soon be there?

This car will certainly help VW to win the race to the top.

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