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MINI Connected app relaunches with greater focus on driving-related functions

The 5-year-old MINI Connected app is undergoing a major relaunch, with the new version available to download from mid-August. The new MINI Connected will simplify the App’s menu interfaces and offer MINI drivers a console to display a range of information and driving related functions. New and updated features include: MINI Streetwise, the new central feature of the MINI Connected app; the basic functions Status, Apps and Profile; Online Search; Sports Instruments and Force Meter; and Calendar.

MINI Streetwise. MINI Streetwise, the MINI Connected app’s new application, lets users display the best route on their smartphone before the journey has even started. The app makes use of personal driving data together with the user’s own past journeys and shows information such as journey duration and fuel consumption.


The app determines the current location and displays all destinations recorded to date and the best routes on the smartphone. If several drives to the same destination have already been recorded, MINI Streetwise will calculate the user’s personal best route as the recommended option. Clicking on the destination pin calls up the estimated time of arrival together with alternative routes, including data such as distance, journey duration and fuel consumption. Users can choose to have the places displayed on a map or as a list. This same information can also be displayed in the Center Instrument once the smartphone has been connected to the MINI. Drivers therefore always have a clear recommendation for the best way to get from A to B.

Other MINI Connected menu items. The vehicle’s location, fuel level, potential range and last journey recorded can be found under the menu item “Status”. Clicking on the location opens a map view showing the route to the parked car. All available and installed apps are listed under “Apps”, providing users with a quick summary of all the applications that can be used in the vehicle via MINI Connected. This includes the third-party apps that are available for their MINI in the App Store or that are already installed on the smartphone and linked to the vehicle.

In addition to this is the “Profile” menu item, where users can enter a name for themselves or their MINI, upload a photo and call up their personal driving statistics, including total distance, total driving time and average consumption. Finally, users will find all app information and MINI Connected tutorials under “Information”.

Sports Instruments and Force Meter. The Sports Instruments and Force Meter apps can be called up directly in the MINI Center Instrument to display performance data. The Sports Instruments app shows engine data including rev speed, torque, engine temperature and current engine output. The Force Meter app, meanwhile, displays all accelerating forces on the screen while on the move, using graphics to indicate the current longitudinal and lateral acceleration in sectors surrounding a virtual MINI in the center of the display.


Online Search and Calendar. Online Search can be used to quickly find places and addresses while in the car and transfer them straight to the optional MINI navigation system for route planning. It is possible to place phone calls directly from the Online Search function as well. MINI Connected also allows the vehicle to connect to the smartphone’s calendar. All appointments and the to-do list are then shown in the vehicle display, together with details such as attendees, phone numbers and addresses, and can be imported into the navigation system as destinations, while calls can be placed directly via the vehicle’s hands-free system.

The new MINI Connected App is available to download from mid-August from Apple iTunes and Google Play on compatible devices.


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