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Peterbilt offering Maxwell’s ultracap ESM

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. announced that Peterbilt is now offering Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-powered Engine Start Module (ESM) on new Model 579 and 567 trucks as a factory-installed option. Kenworth began offering the ESM as a factory-installed option earlier in the year. (Earlier post.)

The ultracapacitor replaces one traditional battery—reducing weight by up to 60 pounds—and is dedicated to starting the vehicle. This means power is always available to start the vehicle, reducing unplanned downtime.

Maxwell’s field-proven ESM gives truck operators assurance their engines will start reliably, especially for operations with multiple starts and stops per day or that use the lift gate or other auxiliary battery-powered equipment while the truck is off.

Additionally, the ultracapacitor is not affected by hotel loads—lights, HVAC, television and other in-cab or sleeper-powered devices—which can drain power during extended use.


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