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Porsche Communication Management in Europe now features real-time traffic information

Beginning in September, all new vehicles with Porsche Communication Management (PCM 3.1) and the option “online services”—now available free of charge in Europe—can be connected with a smartphone and access a new real-time new traffic service without any additional charge. The system not only processes data from TMC and TMCpro, it now also uses a much larger database, including the GPS data of numerous mobile telephones. This data originates from INRIX.

The real-time traffic information gives drivers a constant overview of the current traffic volume in their vicinity, at their destination and along the route entered in the navigation menu. The continuous updating of data at short intervals ensures that changes to the traffic situation are shown with virtually no delay. This boosts the quality and response speed of the dynamic route calculation: traffic jams can be identified as they develop and avoided, and any delays are minimized.

A color scheme enables drivers to grasp the current traffic situation intuitively and at a glance: green roads stand for flowing traffic, yellow for stop-and-go and red for routes with traffic jams.

To activate the new service drivers simply need to download the free “Aha radio” app onto their smartphone via Apple iTunes or Google play and connect it with the PCM. Shortly after establishing a connection the PCM navigation map shows the current traffic situation. The service is available in 14 European countries.

In addition, from 2016 Porsche Tequipment will also offer a retrofit solution for the new service for vehicles with PCM 3.1 built after November 2012.


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