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Intelligent Energy showcasing fuel cell range-extended light commercial vehicle at LCV2015

Fuel cell technology provider Intelligent Energy is displaying and demonstrating a fuel-cell range-extended electric light commercial development vehicle at LCV2015 in the UK. The prototype ZERE (Zero Emissions Range Extender) van is the first stage in an on-going UK consortium project that is supported by funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to develop a new class of range-extended commercial vehicle.

Intelligent Energy’s AC fuel cell stacks installed as range-extenders to supplement the driveline of an electric van. Click to enlarge.

The range extension capability provided by the fuel cell allows the vehicle to double the range of conventional urban electric driving without re-fueling.

The technologies used in ZERE—a fuel cell providing range extension capability to a factory-fitted battery electric driveline—are being further developed in an Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)-supported consortium project led by Intelligent Energy, with partners including Millbrook Proving Ground, Frost Electronics, Frost EV Systems, Cenex, British Gas and DHL.

Taking advantage of direct input from fleet operators, the consortium will investigate the most effective routes to commercialization, including the possibilities for installation during first manufacture and retro-fitment. This is a next step in maturing the technology featured in the prototype on display at LCV2015, which is largely the result of research and development activities carried out by Intelligent Energy prior to the APC-backed project being confirmed in March of this year.

A second vehicle display at the event showcases how the consortium project is already making advances in refining the proposition for a new class of vehicle.


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