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TM4 introducing new controller for electric and hybrid vehicles

TM4 is launching a new fully programmable controller—TM4 NEURO 200—designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles. Engineered according to ISO26262 principles for the latest safety and quality standards, it enables the development of multiple control features by interacting closely with the man-machine interface, traction system and other components.

By using the new TM4 SynApps platform, developers will be able to elaborate and test control algorithms rapidly and seamlessly in a MATLAB/Simulink environment. Once completed, the software can be easily flashed on the unit using TM4’s configuration tools.

Users can also optionally purchase specialized block sets for performance, comfort and drivability, as well as basic application software source code to save development time.

The NEURO 200 is an 80-pin rugged encapsulated controller capable of operating in harsh under-hood vehicle environments. It incorporates a 300MHz dual-core lock-step TI Hercules TMS570LC4 Automotive-Grade microcontroller for Safety-Critical Applications. Various options such as Wi-Fi, real-time clock, and additional EEPROM are available.

Operating between 8 Vdc – 30 Vdc, this controller can be used in a range of applications, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles.


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