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ITM Power to site three Hydrogen Refueling Stations on Shell retail forecourts in UK

ITM Power has signed a strategic siting partnership with Shell for the delivery of Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) on three Shell retail forecourts in the UK. These three HRS deployments will be the first to be integrated onto forecourts in the UK.

ITM Power announced on 28 March 2015 that it had been awarded £1.89 million (US$2.9 million) by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to invest in two new HRS in London at strategic locations suitable for use by Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). Both HRS will incorporate on-site hydrogen generation using the Company’s PEM HGas electrolyzer platform.

HGas electrolyzer systems range from 60 kW to 1+ MW and can produce hydrogen at pressures up to 20 bar or 80 bar depending on options chosen.

Additional financial support of £1.7 million (US$2.6 million) is being contributed by the FCH JU (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) to provide support for the operation of these stations in the early years. Following the agreement with Shell, at least one, possibly two, of these HRS will be built under the OLEV scheme.



A mini start but better than none!

Account Deleted

The few public hydrogen stations are selling it for 14 USD per kg which is enough for about 60 miles in Toyotas Mirai. The new Prius needs 3 USD gallon of gas to go 55 miles and Tesla needs 20kwh or 2 USD to go 60 miles. So hydrogen is 7 times as expensive to drive a mile as electricity and about four times more expensive than gas.

Roger Pham

"ITM Power projects hydrogen cost at £4.19/kg (US$6.44/kg),..., within a 10-year capital amortization period.... and £2.69/kg (US$4.13/kg),... , after capital amortization.

The various grants given to ITM power to setup initial stations means that there will be much less cost to amortize, so that it will take much less than 10 years to arrive at the cost of $4.19 USD per kg after amortization of investment cost.

Account Deleted

That is a projection (estimate) my a non-neutral party. Fact is that selling retail hydrogen cost about 14 USD in the USA. It is not going to be much cheaper than that because of how complex and high-tech it is to produce and handle high pressure hydrogen in non-industrial settings. It is a pipe dream that will never leave the research stage.

IMO hydrogen may have a future as a long range aviation fuel, rocket fuel and as seasonal storage of renewable energy but not as a vehicle fuel.


Henrik, here in the land of easy motoring I have seen Tesla vehicles many hundreds (in one case, close to a thousand) miles from home.  The Supercharger network already supplies what the "Hy(pe)drogen Highway" promises to deliver... someday.  It is already obsolete.

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