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BMW lays cornerstone for new Lightweight Design Center at Landshut

BMW held a cornerstone-laying ceremony for its new Lightweight Design Center at BMW’s Landshut site. Some 160 engineers will research innovative materials and manufacturing processes for future vehicle, starting at the end of 2016. BMW is investing about €20 million (US$22 million) in the center.

Lightweight construction is one of the key technologies of the global automotive industry and a key differentiating feature in competition. In addition to all dynamic driving benefits the lower weight also provides substantial CO2 savings. The concentration of light metal, castings, plastic and fiber composite expertise at a single location is unique in the world. Landshut and lightweight are already mentioned in one breath.

—Oliver Zipse, Chief Production of BMW AG

The Landshut component plant contributes to the BMW i models as well as body panels from carbon fiber and aluminum, plastic bumpers, cockpits or cardan shafts for the new BMW 7 Series.



A hand to BMW to follow into Ford's footsteps and realize that lighter vehicles will consume less energy.

It may be the key (with other upgrades) to more affordable BEVs?

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