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Chargepoint Home PEV charger on sale via Amazon

ChargePoint’s Home residential plug-in vehicle (PEV) networked charging station is now available for order on Amazon, priced from $499 to $749. The compact, thin Home charger has a footprint of just 11.2" x 7". With the networked station, drivers can:

  • Remote start, scheduling and charging reminders with the ChargePoint mobile app;

  • Update the station automatically with the latest software upgrades;

  • Integrate the station with Nest products to track energy usage and save on energy costs;

  • Identify their utility provider to get recommendations for the best time to charge; and

  • View all residential, public and workplace charging with their ChargePoint account

The ChargePoint mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

The price of Home is based on power level, installation type and cord length. The station is available as a 32-amp station that can deliver a maximum of 25 miles of range per hour (RPH), or a 16-amp station that can deliver a maximum of 12 RPH and is available in a plug or hardwired version.

Drivers can configure their station at www.chargepoint.com/home/order and will be directed to Amazon to purchase.



Interesting to see chargers rated in miles per hour.
Thus, if you drove your leaf at 60 mph, it would take 2.4 times as long to charge it as to drive.

Thus, you could charge a leaf in 4 or 5 hours, which is not a problem overnight, but not compatible with a cup of coffee or lunch.
[ Obviously you would fast charge if you could, during a lunch stop on a long run]


IME, 12 miles of range per hour is extremely handy for a PHEV.  If you are doing errands like shopping, 12 miles of range from an hour in the store would often be enough to bring the car up to full charge.  25 miles from an hour of charging would be heaven (but PHEV chargers are usually limited to 16 amps).

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