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Audi begins providing individual customer information on vehicles affected by emissions testing cheat

Audi has implemented a feature on its national Audi websites that will allow a customer to enter his or her Audi’s VIN number to determine whether or not that particular Audi has the software defeat device for emissions testing. The functionality is now available in Germany on; Audi will roll it out in the coming week to its other worldwide markets.

Alternatively, customers can already find out whether their cars are affected through their Audi dealers or the national customer-support organization. In parallel, technical solutions are being prepared with which Audi models will be retrofitted. This service action will be presented to the responsible authorities later in October.

Audi customers will be informed in the coming weeks and months about how their cars will be retrofitted. The cars affected are Audi models with 1.6‑liter or 2.0‑liter TDI diesel engines of the type EA 189 and certified according to the European emission standard EU5. These cars continue to be roadworthy and technically safe without any restrictions.

The 1.6-liter and 2.0‑liter TDI engines certified according to the new EU6 emission standard are not affected. The same applies to V6 and V8 TDI engines, irrespective of whether they are certified according to EU5 or EU6.


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My dad just got notice that his car is affected. He also lost money on his VW stocks and he suffers from a mild form of asthma most likely induced by air pollution. For millions of people this pollution scandal is really personal. It is idiotic beyond belief and we need justice. VW must pay in a big way and we need to find the implicated people at VW and punish them hard.

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