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Global MRV introduces first permanently embedded Micro PEMS for continuous onboard emissions analysis

Global MRV, a provider of portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS), has introduced the first on-board permanently embedded Micro PEMS that reports all regulated vehicle emissions and performance system data all the time. Called Firefly, the PEMS provides continuous analysis of diesel or internal combustion engine emissions. The patented Firefly unit is 11-inches long by 11-inches wide and 3-inches high, and weighs seven pounds (3.2 kg).

Global MRV is deploying Firefly technology to measure, report and verify the operations of light- and heavy-duty vehicles operating in normal driving conditions. Firefly collects and allows for the combined analysis of engine, GPS and emissions data; the unit is currently being tested in on-road vehicles and will be available to the market at the end of 2016.

Global MRV Firefly

Making sure vehicles meet their performance and emissions claims is a priority for both government regulators and fleet operators, but expensive lab testing only allows for selective sampling. Firefly technology will transform the world of emissions monitoring by providing real driving emissions data in real time, to the cloud, allowing a whole new level of data monitoring that can instantly show if and when a vehicle’s emissions increase beyond legal targets. By providing reliable emissions and performance data, operators can optimize their vehicles, improving their bottom line, while society benefits from the knowledge that emissions targets are being met.

—David Munro, CEO Global MRV

Firefly measures mass flow emissions of CO, CO2, NOx, HC, and O2 in real time, while simultaneously collecting and combining electronic control unit (ECU) and GPS data that provides:

  • Accurate and timely data for informed decision-making
  • Large fleet data set collection
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Rapid deployment
  • Data availability in a ready-to-use format
  • Pre-configured formats
  • User-defined formats for customized reports

The flexibility of Firefly proprietary software allows emissions data to be translated into grams per miles, gallons, kilometers, etc., depending on the application.

Patented indirect exhaust flow measurement provides accurate PEMS flow data. On-board engine information is captured and aligned with engine computer link hardware and software.



This could become part of the solution for all future diesel ICEVs.

Of course, only sealed approved units would have to be used.


I would get about 1000 of the over to Europe ASAP for testing of the diesel car fleet to get a real picture of what is going on. (Also California to get a picture of what is happening there).

Talk about good timing !

On the other hand, they might not work properly yet and you don't want to make decisions based on bad measurement.

Europe will have to have a diesel amnesty and a "truth commission" to find out where we actually are with diesel emissions so we can plan a way out of it.
But first we need facts on say the 100 most common cars on the roads (by model, engine and year).
I would expect everything to fail by margins varying from 1.2x to 40x (as seen in VW).
This will set back the Eu's CO2 reduction program in terms of the magic fleet gm/km level, but at least we will be dealing with reality rather than some notional number.

Having established where we are, they can then plan a realistic path forward.

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