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Scania adds hybrid truck

Scania is introducing a diesel hybrid truck for urban distribution; the hybrid technology, developed by Scania itself, allows an 18-tonne distribution truck to operate solely on electric power for up to two kilometers.

Scania hybrid
Top: Scania Hybrid P 320 4x2 with box body. Bottom: Scania hybrid power unit. Click to enlarge.

Electric operation is primarily intended for situations such as city distribution at night in noise sensitive areas or driving through warehouses and car parks where one doesn’t want any exhaust fumes at all. Electric power is combined with Scania’s 9-liter Euro 6 engine with 320 hp, which can be operated on 100 percent biodiesel or HVO. With this latter fuel, CO2 can be reduced by as much as 92%.

Scania, a Volkswagen Group company, was the first manufacturer to sell and deliver Euro 6 engines, the highest emission classification in Europe, which makes a huge difference when it comes to reducing emissions. Scania was also the first to market a complete engine range based on three different biodiesel platforms.

In 2015 Scania gave the green light for using HVO in existing Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.



With near term future improved batteries proposed for e-buses, this hybrid truck could do 100+ Km on electricity only and further reduce noise, GHG and pollution.

Good going Scania.

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