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Daimler and Tsinghua University extend and expand research cooperation in China

Daimler Greater China and Beijing’s Tsinghua University have signed a contract to continue and further to expand their research cooperation begun in 2012 for another 3 years. Initial projects will focus on studying China-specific traffic behavior; vehicle safety and traffic information technologies now extended by IT innovation; and joint education and research internship projects.

The Tsinghua University Daimler Joint Research Center for Sustainable Transportation, funded by an annual contribution of more than 3 million RMB (US$472,000) by Daimler, is supporting future-oriented research projects relating to sustainable transportation in the China-specific road environment context.

Since 2012, this has included work on active and passive safety systems, accident research, integrated traffic information services, vehicle infrastructure integration as well as megacity traffic and regulation research.

With the new contract, the work scope of the Research Center has been extended by IT innovation, including Virtual Reality Technologies, and joint education and research internship projects, which target both young Chinese and international talents.

Together with Daimler’s R&D experts in China, experienced scholars from Tsinghua University are co-leading all these research projects to contribute their strong local R&D capability and know-how. In addition, Tsinghua students are also involved in the projects, facilitating training and development of local talents in these fields.

The expanded research collaboration with Tsinghua University again shows Daimler’s clear commitment to R&D activities in China. Among the most recent milestones is the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Center in China in November 2014 with a full Advanced Design Studio at its core. By the end of 2015, more than 500 highly qualified engineers and designers will be working at the new R&D Center. In total, Daimler has most recently invested about 865 million RMB (US$136 million) in its local passenger car R&D network in Beijing.


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