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Nostrum Energy introducing new high-flow K-DI direct injectors, in-cylinder water injector and dilute combustion system

Nostrum Energy is launching a new line of high-flow direct injectors with a proprietary “kinetic” particle break-up mechanism, K-DI (Kinetic Direct Injector), for the high performance market this fall. In addition to the kinetic colliding jet injectors, Nostrum will showcase a direct in-cylinder water injector and intake track water injector, plus its dilute combustion system, the “Nostrum Cycle”, at Engine Expo – Novi 2015.

Nostrum will introduce its kinetic colliding jet injectors and dilute combustion systems at Engine Expo – Novi 2015 as well as the application-specific (initially GM’s Ecotec 2.0L LTG and LHU model codes), high-flow, K-DI fuel injector at the SEMA Show 2015.

The new kinetic direct injectors utilize a new method of atomization and are designed to increase engine power for the performance aftermarket; deliver cleaner tail pipe emissions in existing commercial fleets; and increase fuel efficiency both for in-field vehicles and future OEM Engines.

Nostrum’s direct in-cylinder and intake track water injectors for advanced dilute combustion systems with gasoline, natural gas and diesel engines. Click to enlarge.

Nostrum engineers will give two technology presentations at the show, one showcasing the kinetic breakup mechanism of its high-flow K-DI, the other reviewing the novel dilute combustion systems with water injection for in-cylinder combustion control.

Much of the Nostrum development work is being carried out at Michigan Technical University, but Nostrum also has contracts with two engine research companies: Ricardo and Mahle. Both are running the Nostrum cycle on commercial engines they have retrofitted.

Nostrum Energy LLC (and its subsidiaries Nostrum Motors LLC and Nostrum Power LLC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nostrum Pharmaceuticals and was established in 2008 to develop and commercialize technologies that increase efficiency and reduce emissions in internal combustion engines.


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