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Starting in 2016, Germany-based technology company ZF will combine all electromobility-related activities in a new corporate E-Mobility division, based at the company’s Schweinfurt location. The new division will join the four existing divisions—Car Powertrain Technology, Car Chassis Technology, Commercial Vehicle Technology and Industrial Technology—as well as the newly created Active & Passive Safety Technology division, which incorporates all the business activities of TRW, the US automotive supplier acquired by ZF in mid-May. (Earlier post.)

By combining all activities associated with the electrification of cars and commercial vehicles under one roof, we are acknowledging the enormous importance of these advanced technologies, which are already shaping the future. Electromobility is coming – and in view of current controversies over car emissions, perhaps even sooner than we first thought.

—ZF CEO Dr. Stefan Sommer

Previously, all activities associated with the growth business of electromobility were distributed across multiple organizational units. Now all of them have been consolidated in the corporate E-Mobility division.

The company’s existing Electronic Systems and Electric Drive Technology business units will form the core of the new E-Mobility division. They will be joined by the E-Mobility Project House, which will bring together electromobility projects from across the entire company.

Schweinfurt now hosts both the E-Mobility division and ZF’s lightweight design activities, further strengthening its position as one of the company’s leading high-tech locations.


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