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More than 2K handraisers in California so far for Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (earlier post) is now officially on sale in California; more than 300 new owners— representing each of the dealership locations in Southern and Northern California—received ceremonial keys at a Mirai premiere event in Torrance. More than 2,000 people so far have requested to buy a Mirai in California, where it is first available.

The Mirai order request portal, which went live two months ago, is now directing customers to a wait list, as production catches up to this high demand. Toyota anticipates an allotment of nearly 1,000 model year 2016 Mirai in the US.

In January 2015, Toyota announced an increase in Mirai global production capacity in an effort to satisfy higher than expected demand in all markets. Potential Mirai customers can still request the car of the future at A wait list will be created for the next Mirai allotment and potential customers contacted when production is available.



Looking good for a first generation mass produced FCEV. Sales will multiply when more lower cost H2 stations will be available in EU, USA and elsewhere.

Hyundai, Honda and many others will soon join Toyota with interesting FCEVs.

A join effort to multiply H2 stations would also help the FCEV market.

Bob Wallace

Harvey, what's your estimation for the percentage of drivers who will be willing to pay far more per mile to drive an FCEV than it costs to drive the other options?

Can you explain their motivation?

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