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Samsung SDI opens Li-ion battery plant for EVs in China

Samsung SDI held a completion ceremony for its new EV battery plant was held at Gaoxin Industrial District within Xi’an, Shaanxi Province of China. Samsung SDI is the first global battery manufacturer to construct an EV battery plant and initiate mass production in China.

The Xi’an plant has initiated its operation from September. It has finalized battery supply agreements with 10 local personal and commercial vehicle companies and is already delivering. Some of these companies include bus manufacturer Yutong and leading truck manufacturer Foton.

The finalized Samsung SDI Xi’an Plant can manufacture batteries for approximately 40,000 full electric vehicles per year. The plant is capable of producing cells and modules. Preparing for increased market demand in the future, Samsung SDI will invest US$600 millioninto the Xi’an battery plant until 2020 with the goal of achieving US$1 billion in sales.



To mass produce EV batteries in the world greatest vehicle market place is a wise decision.

Production can always be increased to match local and export market requirements.


In general there will need to be more battery manufacturing plants, so this is good. I wonder when further growth in manufacturing will happen in the US. Tesla is doing something, but LG Chem's plant in Michigan will likely soon reach full utilization. So someone will have to build additional battery manufacturing capacity.


I thought GM practically idled that LG plant. Isn't LG a huge partner in the Giga factory by Tesla? Pretty sure LG is banking on demand enough to risk that many assets all at once.

You'd be amazed at what three shifts can do, they'll find ways to produce to keep up with demand. I doubt the LG/GM plant is above 20% of actual capacity; there are probably initial start up issues, but once the process matures they could probably crank out cells.

Aaron Turpen

(Insert inevitable Tesla comment here. Oh! Too late!)

The LG plant is in CHINA because in CHINA you have to build there or you cannot sell there. Pretty simple why they're doing this.

Aaron Turpen

@CheeseEater88 - GM did idle the LG plant a few years ago, but it's been up and running since mid-year last year and just underwent a small expansion to add another production shift. The Bolt is coming soon and LG is building those batteries. They also build the electronics in most OnStar systems. They're a very integral part of the Bolt, supplying a lot of parts for it.

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