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OmniPhy announces availability of automotive Ethernet PHY

OmniPhy (earlier post), a member of OPEN Alliance SIG, announced the availability of an automotive Ethernet PHY on an advanced process technology node. The design implements the automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 standard being developed by the IEEE through 802.3 initiatives.

Automotive Ethernet retains the reliability and robustness of standard commercial Ethernet, but has significant optimizations for the automotive application to enable high speed and data bandwidth, weight reduction, and cost efficiency.

Auto makers are already adopting Ethernet in production vehicles. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Infotainment will be strong growth drivers for automotive Ethernet demand. By 2022, we expect around 250 million Ethernet nodes to be installed annually in global car and light truck production.

—Ian Riches, VP of Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Practice

The OmniPhy IP emphasizes power saving and reliability diagnostic modes which are critical for the automotive application. OmniPhy’s approach allows proliferation and integration of qualified Ethernet PHY technology directly into the sensors, radars, and camera ICs.


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