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EV charging companies form new trade association

Leaders from the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, technology and services industry have formed the Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA), a not-for-profit trade association created to advance the EV charging industry. EVCA concurrently released The State of the Charge, a report documenting the charging industry’s rapid growth in California and the significant economic opportunity it presents for the state.

Founding members of EVCA are ABM, ChargePoint, Clean Fuel Connection, Envision Solar, EV Connect, NRG EVgo, Plugless Power, SeaWave Battery, and Volta, all of which are headquartered or maintain a significant presence in California.

According to the report, there are now more than 9,000 public and workplace charging outlets in California, and thousands more in residences—more than 20,000 total. The number of public/workplace charging outlets in California has grown by 652% since 2011.

With 150,000 electric vehicles on its highways, California has 40% of the US electric vehicle market, and the industry is expected to generate roughly $4.5 billion in California sales and services by 2023. Gov. Jerry Brown has called for one million zero-emission vehicles in California by 2020 and recently signed into law SB 350 to expand EV charging.

In creating the trade association, the electric vehicle charging industry is striving further to shape California’s growing EV infrastructure, advocate for policies to advance clean transportation, and serve as a resource for information and expertise.


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