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Novozymes introduces new enzyme for ethanol production

Novozymes has introduced Avantec Amp, an advanced enzyme product that improves yield and throughput in corn ethanol production, while increasing corn oil extraction and reducing the need for several harsh chemicals used in ethanol production. By switching from standard enzyme technology to Avantec Amp, a typical ethanol plant with a capacity of 110 million gallons can make up to $2.5 million a year in additional net profits, the company said.

Avantec Amp adds additional benefits to the original Avantec, introduced in 2012. It combines multiple enzyme activities into one product. Increased ethanol yield from the corn saves energy and water and increasing return on invested capital. It can also boost corn oil production, an increasingly important revenue stream in the industry, by freeing up oil bound in the corn germ.

In addition, Avantec Amp reduces the need for a number of chemicals used to control and accelerate production processes at ethanol plants. Urea, which is used to improve the fermentation of ethanol, can be cut by more than 70%. Surfactants and ammonia, used to extract corn oil and adjust pH levels, can also be significantly reduced. Avantec Amp is the first enzyme product to replace urea and surfactants.


Henry Gibson

A million or more people die from malaria. Perhaps cheaper food would help. Both Maize and ethanol are foods. Petroleum is cheap food is not. ..HG..

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