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Honda opened a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on its property in Troy, Ohio. The CNG station, which was designed, constructed and will be operated by Trillium CNG, is the second public CNG station located on a Honda property in North America, following one opened at Honda of America Mfg. in Marysville, Ohio in August. (Earlier post.)

As part of its overall vision to reduce total company CO2 emissions by 50% by the year 2050, Honda is working to minimize the environmental impact of its parts distribution operations through its “green fleet” programs. The program is part of a strategy that has seen Honda reduce the CO2 emissions intensity of its parts shipments by 37% since 2009 and reduce waste sent to landfills from parts distribution centers by 99.3%.

The CNG station is located at the intersection of S. Stanfield Rd and Commerce Center Blvd. in Troy, Ohio, near Honda’s parts consolidation and distribution operations. The station will feature two Class 8 dispensers for over-the-road carriers and can also serve customers who drive CNG-fueled passenger cars as well.

The fully automated station is intended both to provide service to those that have already adopted the use of CNG, and to encourage and facilitate suppliers and logistics partners to adopt and expand its use in the trucks used in support of Honda operations.


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