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Olea Sensor Networks, a leading provider of intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based safety systems, unveiled the OS-3005 with OleaSense software analytics—a seat belt vital sign monitor for automotive safety applications, which has the ability to enhance existing seat belt systems based on Olea’s sensor technologies.

This after-market vital sign monitoring system accomplishes this by real-time detection of each individual’s vital signs, processing this data with its intelligent sensor analytics and transmitting it via Bluetooth to the cloud. There are no external wires and no direct contact with the body is required. The product’s compact design, measuring smaller than a business card, integrates seamlessly into existing automotive safety restraint or systems.

It also becomes part of the infotainment system, able to identifying occupants, using Olea HeartSignature technology, in order to recall stored settings and driver preferences.

The concept of seat occupancy detection monitoring requires a sophisticated sensing technology capable of capturing human vital signs in a reliable manner. By integrating the OS-3005 and OleaSense technologies, detection of human vital signs inside the vehicle now becomes part of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems [ADAS]. The OleaSense system also augments next generation IoT telematics systems to automatically and immediately call first responders following a crash, sending critical vital sign statistics in order to assess the conditions and identities of the driver and passengers involved.

—Frank Morese, Olea CEO and Founder

In 2013, Olea launched its flagship product, the OS-3001 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Platform, specifically for non-clinical R&D use, as a handheld/wearable, wireless, intelligent, multi-sensor data acquisition platform. It serves as a sensor hub with various on-board intelligent sensors.

With the release of the OS-3005 Olea offers a new feature-rich platform, now in its fourth generation and significantly reduced in size. Olea’s technologies are designed for use with Olea’s sensor analytics software and, optionally, its cloud-based service solutions that take advantage of Olea’s IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture. The OleaVision life presence detector and the Olea HeartSignature biometric technology further extend these platforms with increasingly advanced intelligent sensors and sensor networks.


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