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VW uncovers irregularities in type-approval CO2 levels affecting about 800K vehicles as part of diesel investigation

The Volkswagen Group announced today that during the course of its internal investigation into the diesel emission cheating issue, it uncovered “irregularities” when determining type-approval CO2 levels. Based on present knowledge, around 800,000 vehicles from the Volkswagen Group could be affected, the company said.

Under the ongoing review of all processes and workflows in connection with diesel engines, Volkswagen investigators established that the CO2 levels—and thus the fuel consumption figures—for some models were set too low during the CO2 certification process. The majority of the vehicles concerned have diesel engines.

Volkswagen said that a “reliable assessment” of the scale of these irregularities is not yet possible; an initial estimate puts the additional economic risks at approximately €2 billion. The Board of Management of Volkswagen AG will immediately start a dialog with the responsible type-approval agencies regarding the consequences of these findings. This should lead to a reliable assessment of the legal, and the subsequent economic consequences of this not yet fully explained issue, Volkswagen said.

From the very start I have pushed hard for the relentless and comprehensive clarification of events. We will stop at nothing and nobody. This is a painful process, but it is our only alternative. For us, the only thing that counts is the truth. That is the basis for the fundamental realignment that Volkswagen needs. The Board of Management of Volkswagen AG deeply regrets this situation and wishes to underscore its determination to systematically continue along the present path of clarification and transparency.

—Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Volkswagen Group said that, in cooperation with the responsible authorities, it will do everything in its power to clarify the further course of action as quickly as possible and ensure the correct CO2 classification for the vehicles affected.

The safety of the vehicles involved is not compromised.

Volkswagen Group’s Supervisory Board issued a statement saying that it and the special committee set up for the purpose of clarification will meet in the very near future to consult on further measures and consequences.

The Supervisory Board will continue to ensure swift and meticulous clarification. In this regard, the latest findings must be an incentive for the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management to do their utmost to resolve such irregularities and rebuild trust.

—VW AG Supervisory Board



Nothing to see here....Move along !

Account Deleted

It sounds so much better for VW to say they found irregularities with CO2 emission levels (that very few give a dam about) rather than saying that VW have also cheated with the proclaimed fuel economy or MPG ratings for numerous of VW car models. It is exactly the same thing. Just like VW tries to frame mass murder by air pollution as a breach of trust issue.

The extra pollution that those 11 million and counting VW cars have caused are leading to 10s of thousands of people additionally and prematurely dying each year from that air pollution. This is mass murder by those VW employees who did this and they should be prosecuted as mass murderous.

If all companies did like VW and increased their air pollution by 40 times above the legal levels this planet would become completely inhabitable. We would all die from air pollution within very little time. Because most companies do not cheat with air-pollution laws "only" 7 million people dies prematurely every year from air pollution.

WHO on 7 million premature air pollution death per year globally.

The Lurking Jerk

It’s not even close to ’10’s of thousands’ of people that VW ‘murdered'. Diesel passenger cars account for a tiny proportion of NOx and VW diesels for a tiny percentage of that. What’s more, the WHO claims concerning NOx are dubious and they have recently back off much of their health claims.

Account Deleted

VW's diesel cars pollute up to 11*40 =440 million diesel cars that is not tiny. Cars are polluting exactly where people live work and breathe that is why it matters so much and much more than other sources of air pollution. If you want to be taken seriously I would get another alias.

What VW has done is mass murder on an insane scale and they should pay for it accordingly. Billions of USD in fines to VW and life in prison to those who did it or knew about it and did not report it.

If this keeps up, it will be death by a thousand cuts and VW share price will be depressed for a much longer period of time.

Get all the bad news out at once VW. Cop to it. And then get on with the cure. You'll only be forgiven - and trusted again - if you come clean 100%.

For a company whose service record has never been stellar, this ongoing breach of trust is likely to hinder the brand for a very long time. Really a shame. The electrification roadmap was starting to get my interest as a potential consumer. A rare US drive of the eGolf increased my interest. But this "can't seem to tell the truth" stuff - especially after being caught - turns my blood cold.

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