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Gevo and ValvTect to collaborate in bringing renewable isobutanol fuel blends to marinas

Following the recent completion of successful compatibility tests, Gevo will collaborate with ValvTect, a leading supplier of marine fuel additives, in bringing renewable isobutanol fuel blends to ValvTect branded marinas.

With a distribution network of more than 700 marinas, believed to represent more than half of the marinas in the US, this collaboration provides Gevo with access to marinas that currently utilize ValvTect additives. In addition, this partnership is expected to open the door for Gevo and ValvTect to continue the expansion into additional marinas, which will look to provide high-performance gasoline blends comprising Gevo’s renewable isobutanol and ValvTect’s additives.

Gevo’s announcement comes after a series of tests were run using clear (ethanol-free) gasoline that was combined with 16% isobutanol and ValvTect’s marine fuel additive. The results proved the compatibility of the combination.

When used in marine fuel, the tests indicate that Gevo’s isobutanol provides higher energy content than ethanol blends, prevents moisture absorption and phase separation and reduces engine corrosion. In addition, Gevo’s isobutanol was recently endorsed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). ValvTect marine fuel additives are formulated to improve fuel quality, enhance engine performance and extend engine life.


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