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Chevy Colorado diesel pickup EPA-rated at up to 31 mpg highway

The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado two-wheel drive with the Duramax turbo-diesel (earlier post) will be the most fuel efficient pickup in the US, offering an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 31 mpg (7.58 l/100 km) highway fuel economy. The EPA-estimated highway fuel economy for 2016 Colorado four-wheel drive diesel is 29 mpg.

The EPA has issued a Certificate of Conformity for the Chevrolet Colorado Duramax diesel. The agency expressed no issues or concerns following its recent extensive testing and evaluation of the emission control system on the Colorado Duramax diesel.


With the Colorado’s 21-gallon fuel tank, the 2WD model offers an estimated maximum highway range of 651 miles per tank.

2016_28L_Turbo_Diesel_LWN_COL LF NC HiRLev12
2.8L Duramax for the Canyon. Click to enlarge.

The 2016 Colorado diesel 2WD offers an EPA estimated 22 mpg city (10.68 l/100 km) and 25 mpg (9.4 l/100 km) combined. The 4WD model offers an EPA estimated 20 mpg city (11.75 l/100 km) and 23 mpg (10.22 l/100 km) combined.

Colorado Duramax diesel’s fuel economy complements segment-leading capability, including maximum trailering ratings of up to 7,700 pounds (3,492 kg) on 2WD models and up to 7,600 pounds (3,447 kg) for 4WD models with the available trailering package.

Colorado’s all-new 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine (LWN)—derived from the international 2.8L diesel engine and refined for the North American market—generates 181 horsepower (135 kW) and 369 lb-ft of torque (500 N·m). It is paired with the Hydra-Matic 6L50 six-speed automatic transmission, which uses a unique Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber in the torque converter to reduce powertrain noise and vibration.


A variable-geometry turbocharger helps optimize power and efficiency across the rpm band, while a balance shaft contributes to smoothness. Colorado’s diesel is engineered to be B20-capable.

Two new features add control and confidence to the Colorado diesel: smart diesel exhaust braking and an integrated trailer brake controller. Smart diesel exhaust braking enhances vehicle control and reduces brake wear by reducing the need for braking on downgrades. The integrated trailer brake controller works with the antilock brake system to provide immediate and measured brake force, eliminating the need for an aftermarket trailer brake controller.

The Colorado diesel goes on sale this fall, offered in LT and Z71 Crew Cab models, with 2WD or 4WD. Pricing for the diesel engine option is $3,730 more than a comparably equipped 3.6L V-6 model.


Nick Lyons

the diesel engine option is $3,730 more than a comparably equipped 3.6L V-6 model

Hmmm. At $2.50/gal and 12K miles/year, my back-of-the-envelope calcs say It would take over 16 years to break even buying the diesel over the V6.


I never understood why people think its cheaper... modern diesels are costly upfront and costly over a long period of time... Lots of high price goodies make it clean enough to run in the US and abroad.

Again, I am with you Nick, its a smaller truck, with a diesel... its not made for real towing or hauling... it shouldn't exist... but here it is.

In bigger trucks, diesel can be argued for, large payloads/towing capacity and beefier everything, that and you have 800ft-lbs of torque in a LD truck now a days.

I wouldn't own this truck the same reason I wouldn't own a jetta or a cruise... Fuel is more expensive for diesels here, fuel economy is only marginally better, components are pricey, large cost up front, no real benefit for my life.

This truck will sell well enough though, because people think they'll run forever... though they will likely ditch them in 4 years and buy something else that screams opulence or nonsense.

This is how I make sense of BEVs... I'll keep a car a long time... but 20 years or so in a BEV that I can afford from today might get pretty sour/outdated in 5 year, 10 years in might be a stretch. I want a BEV that has hardly any compromises to ownership. I drive more than most, so I will be late to the EV party. I rather not purchase cars unless I have to, or it makes sense to do so because of life events or other drastic changes.

Aaron Turpen

Ya, Nick, that V6 is great.. until you try to tow or haul something heavy. Which is kind of the point of a truck.

Aaron Turpen

Obviously CheeseEater88 is the definitive source for truck ownership. And typical of most battery electric EVangelists. No clue what the real market wants, only what he thinks it should want.


The torque specs are good for a smaller truck. Run this on the new HPR synthetic renewable diesel, it should run well and be cleaner.

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