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Continental and Fallbrook to collaborate on new CVTs for urban mobility incorporating Fallbrook NuVinci technology

Continental has entered into licensing and engineering services agreements with Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook). The central focus of the collaboration is Fallbrook’s NuVinci transmission technology. (Earlier post.)

This innovative continuously variable planetary (CVP) is a new class of continuously variable transmission (CVT) utilizing rotating balls that allow the transmission ratio to change continuously.

This collaboration with Fallbrook will provide us with the opportunity to expand our business activities in the area of private urban mobility The aim of the collaboration is to develop new electromechanical transmission solutions for urban transport on the basis of this continuously variable automatic transmission.

—Rudolf Stark, Head of the Transmission Business Unit in the Powertrain Division

The NuVinci transmission uses rotating balls arranged in a circle, which are located between the input and output components of the transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameter and therefore the transmission ratio. NuVinci transmissions can be configured to replace various types of planetary transmissions with a compact unit that can improve system efficiency.

The technology is versatile and can be used to develop customized products for a wide range of applications—from stationary devices and bicycles to vehicles.

The first commercial products to come onto the market with Fallbrook's NuVinci CVP technology were continuously variable transmission systems for bicycles and the company continues to develop and enhance its bicycle products.


Brent Jatko

Looks like a promising way to further optimize fuel economy and reliability for automobiles, but it may have arrived just as ICE engines are losing their grip on the industry.

Henry Gibson

Full Artemis series hydraulic hybrids save energy from braking as well as being and efficient transmission. ..HG..

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