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Group-buy Black Friday deal on 2015 Nissan LEAFs in Northern Colorado: $10,600

Consumers in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colo. will have a special group-buy Black Friday opportunity to purchase a 2015 Nissan LEAF for just more than $10,000, saving up to $21,000 off the sticker price.

The program, offered in partnership with Tynan’s Nissan and Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC), starts Friday, 27 November and runs through 31 December 2015.

Tynan’s Nissan will take $9,007 off the LEAF’s retail price. Coupled with a total of $13,500 in refundable electric vehicle tax credits—$6,000 through Colorado’s EV tax credit and $7,500 through the federal tax credit—buyers can expect to spend 65% below the LEAF’s retail price of $32,130.

Northern Coloradans who purchase a LEAF through this group-buy program will also receive 24 months of free EV charging through EVGo’s “No-Charge to Charge” network, which offers 11 charging stations within the region. Tynan’s Nissan will also provide its Nissan LEAF customers with six free days of an internal combustion engine vehicle rental for longer road trips.


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