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Heuliez Bus introduces new GX ELEC electric bus

France-based Heuliez Bus, a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., has entered the electric bus market with its new battery-electric GX 337 ELEC, which will be tested by the French public transport operator RATP.


The 12-meter bus is propelled by a 175 kW electric motor suited for low operating speeds and frequent stops. The bus is equipped for all-day use with night-time recharging and pre-heating in the winter months at bus depots.

Heuliez Bus represents around 26% of the French Bus market; Heuliez has sold 400 hybrid buses to date.



Pre-heating at bus depots in the winter months?

Does it have onboard heat storage, to the level required for our very cold winters (-30C) days?

Another heat source may be required for our cold area and/or more batteries and/or more frequent quick recharges?

Henry Gibson

Nobody has proposed charging by having stops with rollers to turn the wheels.

Use heat-pumps, perhaps ECOCUTE types, that also capture motor heat.

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