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Emissions Analytics to launch real-world NOx accreditation scheme for new cars; complementary to RDE

UK-based Emissions Analytics, a specialist in real-world, on-road vehicle emissions measurement and analysis, plans to launch a new initiative in 2016 to help consumers, policy makers and vehicle manufacturers better understand the real-world emissions of NOx from new cars.

The accreditation scheme will assess cars using objective performance criteria, recognizing the best performers in emission levels through the ratings awarded. It is intended to complement the forthcoming Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regulations for new vehicle certification.

The rating scheme will be separate from and independent of vehicle manufacturers’ certification tests. The results will be publicly available, with the aim of influencing policy development and implementation, allowing consumers to make informed purchase decisions and demonstrating the improvements that vehicle manufacturers are making to bring about improvements in air quality.

It will be owned, funded and operated by Emissions Analytics, which will retain all rights associated with the results and ratings.

Building on its emissions testing of more than 1,000 vehicles over the last four years, Emissions Analytics says it is suitably positioned to launch the rating scheme. It comes at a time when there is increasing focus on emissions and air quality, following vehicle certification irregularities and legal actions against European countries for air quality violations in cities.

Emissions Analytics has brought together a group of experts to provide advice and guidance, review the test and rating methodology, monitor the regulatory context, and provide input into the wider development of the scheme:

  • Professor Helen ApSimon – Air Pollution Studies, Imperial College London
  • Dr. Adam Boeis – Department of Engineering, Cambridge University
  • John German – Senior Fellow, International Council on Clean Transportation
  • Dr. Marc Stettler – Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College
  • Professor Martin Williams – Air Quality Scientist, King’s College London


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